Temple Isaiah classes for adults exploring Jewish life, history, and practice.

Sukkahs in Jerusalem

Sukkot in Jerusalem (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was a pleasure to meet each of you at our first class meeting this past Sunday morning! This will be s small class, but that will give us time for questions and discussion – wonderful!

We learned a little bit about each other, and I gave out the initial handouts, the class info and syllabus. Since the class info handout has my phone number on it, I’m not going to post it on the internet, but you can find a copy of the syllabus online by clicking on “Syllabus” at the top of this page.

We also took a quick look at the Jewish year: just a little taste of what we will do over the next three weeks.

Between now and next week, we have the holiday of Sukkot. To learn more about Sukkot, you can read Sukkot 101 at myjewishlearning.com or, if you want a very quick basic intro, A Beginner’s Guide to Sukkot  on my blog at coffeeshoprabbi.com.

The greetings for Sukkot are “Chag sameach!” [chag sa MEH ach, with the “ch” sound pronounced like the ch in “Bach”] or “Sukkot Sameach!” [soo COAT sa MEH ach].  If someone says that to you, you can just repeat it back to them. The first means “Happy holiday!” and the second, “Happy Sukkot!”

And now, I wish you a Sukkot Sameach!  See you next week!

– Rabbi Adar


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