Temple Isaiah classes for adults exploring Jewish life, history, and practice.

Jerusalem, lions gate

Jerusalem, Lions Gate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shanah Tovah!  That’s Hebrew for “Happy New Year,” and appropriate, since we have just entered the Hebrew year 5773.

We are just about to begin a new year of Exploring Judaism, too.  This is a class for anyone who wants a basic knowledge of Judaism. I’ve had students who were considering conversion, students who were born Jewish but didn’t get a Jewish education as children, students who were gentiles who wanted to understand Jewish friends or relatives better, couples who wanted to deepen their relationship by studying together — people take this course for lots of reasons!

Studying as an adult is different than religious school for children. This class includes facts, of course, but it is mostly about options: ways you can engage with Jewish life, choices you can make, and a chance to reflect on your relationship with Jewish history and identity. My goal is that at the end of the four parts, you will feel confident in taking your next steps in Jewish community, whatever they might be. No Hebrew is required.

The first class will meet on September 30 at Temple Isaiah in Lafayette, CA.  Classes will meet on Sundays from 10:10am until 11:10 am.  You can find info about costs and registration on the Temple Isaiah website. (Click on the link and it will take you to the exact page.) If you have questions about the class, you can contact me via a form on this website or call the temple office (see their web site for the number.)

To see what we will study, and when we will study it, check out the Syllabus page on this website. You can sign up for all four parts of the class, or for just one or two. There is a price break for signing up for all four at once.)

For more info about the teacher, check out the Rabbi Adar page.

I invite you to join me and a group of new friends for Exploring Judaism. See you Sept 30!

– Rabbi Adar


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