Temple Isaiah classes for adults exploring Jewish life, history, and practice.

Torah procession

Torah procession (Photo credit: vidalia_11)

We’re done for the year.  We took time in the final class to look at the reasons each of you took the class, what you got out of it, and what feedback you offer for future classes.  You also voted on our last Tzedakah Fund project.

I appreciate the feedback:  you asked for more about music, and a more complete and leisurely history class.  You also mentioned that you felt the class time was rushed, that one hour was not enough.

You have some wonderful future plans:

Many of you are in the Adult Bnei Mitzvah program, and you will be busy next year learning the service and preparing your Torah portions.

Some of you are in the process of exploring conversion to Judaism.  This class is only a small part of that process:  spend time with Jews!  Go to services.  Go to events.  Rent a movie.  Visit the Magnes museum in Berkeley, and the Contemporary Jewish Museum in SF.  Do stuff!  And if you have not yet found your rabbi, find yourself one!

Some of you came to remedy the Jewish education you didn’t get as a child.  Keep studying!  Temple Isaiah offers lots of classes on a wide variety of subjects.  One of the things “Exploring Judaism” was supposed to do was to give you a foundation for comfort and understanding in those classes.

Some are about to begin serious Hebrew study.  That’s wonderful!  It will open doors to you in the Jewish world that will delight you.  Whether you just learn the aleph-bet, or you keep going to total fluency, it will enrich your Jewish life more than you dream.

Finally:  You voted to send the $100 in our tzedakah box to Rabbi Graetz’s Discretionary Fund.  I know he’s going to put that to good use.  Sarah, thank you for accepting the task of actually getting those funds to the office.

Thank you for the opportunity to learn with you for the past year.  You are a gracious, patient, curious, lively group of people, and it was a pleasure to spend an hour of Sunday morning with you!

B’ahavah [with affection]

Rabbi Adar


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