Temple Isaiah classes for adults exploring Jewish life, history, and practice.

We’re almost at the end of our series on Jewish Time.  For the first few weeks of this class, we looked at the calendar and holidays.  Lately we’ve been talking about the mileposts in a Jewish life.  This coming week, we’re going to talk about a Jewish Home, what that is, what that can be.

Looking forward, in January we’re going to begin a survey of Jewish history via its texts.  If you have been curious about Tanakh [Bible] or were mystified by words like midrash, mishnah, gemara, or talmud — be mystified no more!  Rejoin the class in January for an introduction to all those things, set in the context of history.

We are often called “The People of the Book” but sometimes I think we are really “The People in Time”– every week we build our “palace in time,” as Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel called it, when we keep Shabbat.  We live on a distinct calendar, and we measure out  our Jewish lives in ways that are distinct from the other cultures around us.

I look forward to exploring a different aspect of Jewish time with you:  history!

— Rabbi Adar


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