Temple Isaiah classes for adults exploring Jewish life, history, and practice.

I’m looking forward to our first “Exploring Judaism” class on September 25.  There’s a lot happening behind the scenes: this website should be blooming shortly.  This site is a “home base” for the class during the week, so that if you have a question about what happened in class last week, or what will happen next Sunday, or what the reading is, or a question about the subject matter, you can find the answer or post the question.

I will use the blog to recap the topics in class, remind people about things to bring the next week, and to make announcements.  Think of it as a handy bulletin board with your class information.

The text for Exploring Judaism will be Settings of Silver, by Stephen M. Wylen.  The book was published in 2000, so if you prefer to get a used text, they are available from many sources.  New copies of the book will be available in class.

I chose this text because it combines a good introduction to Judaism with a concise history of Judaism, allowing you to buy one book instead of three or four.  It also has a very nice index, which allows you to use it as a reference book long after the class is over.  We will not read the book in order from front to back.  The syllabus (which you will soon be able to view by clicking the link in the upper right hand part of your screen) will give page number assignments for each week.

See you September 25!

— Rabbi Adar


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